Touch Therapy

Touch Therapy

Living Well’s massage, facials, reflexology and reiki services can relieve muscle tension, assist in pain relief and provide an overall sense of well-being and relaxation. Talk to your physician about any concerns you may have before scheduling a touch therapy appointment. We offer a maximum of five touch therapy appointments for patients diagnosed with cancer.

(Please note: You will need a Consent and Release on file prior to your first appointment.

To schedule a touch therapy appointment, please complete this form, or call Geneva at 630-933-7860 or Warrenville at 331-732-4900



  • A light, relaxing massage can be enjoyed by people at all stages of cancer. Massage has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression; help with circulation; bolster the immune system; decrease pain and fatigue; and improve sleep.



  • Experience the benefits of a gentle, hydrating facial given by a licensed, oncology-trained esthetician.



  • Reflexology is the practice of applying appropriate pressure to specific areas of the feet that link to different parts of the body and corresponding organs. This technique can decrease pain, stress, nausea, anxiety and depression while boosting circulation that can increase energy.



  • Reiki is a gentle relaxation therapy that involves a practitioner using their hands to direct and improve the flow of energy to help support the body’s own healing process.


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