Survivorship Programs

Back-On-Track Surviving Survivorship Series

March 6 – April 17


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Virtual discussion via Microsoft Teams

Missy Petty, LCPC, Lead Counselor, Northwestern Medicine Living Well Cancer Resources 

Open to patients and caregivers, this seven-week “Back-on-Track: Surviving Survivorship” series is designed to help you navigate common challenges as you transition into survivorship.
Topics include changes in relationships, managing expectations, addressing anxiety and depression, the “new normal,” fear of recurrence, how to partner with your care team, managing your health records, and envisioning a positive future. Attendance throughout the entire series is encouraged but not mandatory.
Monday, March 6th:  Pressure to Thrive
Monday, Mach 13th: Discussion Group
Monday, March 20th: Managing, Moods, Stress and Feeling Stuck
Monday, March 27th: Discussion Group
Monday, April 3rd: Survivorship101: Medical Discussion by Christopher George, MD
Monday, April 10th: Fear of Recurrence
Monday, April 17th: Envisioning Your Future


I’ve Finished Cancer Treatment, Now What? Survivorship 101

Monday, April 3, 6:30 – 7:45 pm

Virtual discussion via Microsoft Teams

Christopher George, MD, Medical Director, Medical Oncology, Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group

Cancer treatment can require your full attention and energy for months or even years. After treatment, you may feel emotionally and physically drained, you may even feel disoriented as you try to adjust to life after treatment. Join Dr. George as he talks about what to expect as a cancer survivor and how to work with your care team as you recover from treatment.




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