I have made good friends at LivingWell. The massage and Reiki has helped me with stress and being with other survivors is very encouraging and healing.

- Maggie


LivingWell Cancer Resource Center, part of Northwestern Medicine, has helped thousands of individuals affected by cancer learn vital skills that enable them to regain control of their lives, learn vital skills that enhance their quality of life and find the sense of hope that is often minimized with a cancer diagnosis. The following testimonials are expressions of appreciation shared by some of our participants.

My friends remark on my robust appearance. What they can’t see and perhaps what is most difficult to describe is the comfort I find in being part of an institution—a community united by a common experience—where a cancer diagnosis is indeed central, but is at the same time not a disquieting kind of normal. So it may be that of all LivingWell’s resources, it is this least tangible one that has sustained me over the last four years.


I believe LivingWell saved me from my darkest hours. I didn’t want to burden my family with the fear and trepidation I was feeling but found solace within those walls. I am stronger, better and more hopeful because of LivingWell.


My husband is a counselor and I am a retired teacher so I am familiar with the vast spectrum of skills that exists when it comes to counselors. Let me just say, LivingWell’s clinical team really knows their business. They thoroughly understand the plight and challenges of the cancer survivor and teaches specific strategies to overcome the paralysis that accompanies it.


Cancer is a lonely and terrifying journey. Even the word wafts fear. Living and navigating the journey is treacherous to one’s soul. It is easy to get lost and become overwhelmed with feelings of despair and hopelessness. Thankfully LivingWell is here to help.


LivingWell became a saving grace for me. From the time I was diagnosed and throughout my treatment, LivingWell was the one place I counted on for support, comfort, and hope.


You have empowered me beyond a point I thought was possible. Thank you.


I have made good friends at LivingWell. The massage and Reiki has helped me with stress and being with other survivors is very encouraging and healing.


My counselor patiently and skillfully worked with me on climbing out my abyss. Because of her, I have taken back my life and started on a journey to healing. I am working hard and have made great strides looking to the future without fear or dread.


Until you get diagnosed with cancer, you have no idea how alone in the world you feel. There, I found the support I needed and knew I didn’t need to face this alone.


You just feel better there. It is a feeling that is immediately apparent when you walk through their doors. They really care for you and want to help you.


LivingWell has introduced me to a welcoming group of survivors who have helped me to be one of them, taught me to live in the moment and make the very best of all my moments.


The staff of LivingWell are the most caring and talented group of people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. They helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. Now I call them friends.


When I first came to LivingWell, I was greeted with warmth and encouragement from members of the staff and volunteers. I thought, there is hope, there is a happy life after a cancer diagnosis. The experience lifted a heavy load.